How to Play

In Binaria , you play as Bit , a laser-sword-wielding cyberpunk who can phase between two parallel dimensions.

Bit will shift from Light Phase to Dark Phase, alternating every 10 seconds .

Certain walls and obstacles exist in one phase but not the other, so take advantage of which one you’re in to pass through obstacles and traverse the map.

When in Light Phase , you’ll regenerate health and be safe from harm.

While in Dark Phase , however, you’ll slowly lose health and will be surrounded by the alien-like monsters that inhabit it.

Wield your laser-sword to slay any monsters you encounter to find items:



[WASD] - Move

[K] - Attack (can attack in 4 directions)

[J] - Use Dark Token (shift into Dark Phase or extend Dark Phase by 10 seconds)

[L] - Use Light Token (shift into Light Phase or extend Light Phase by 10 seconds)



Made with love by @jordantanner for LD51.

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