C R Y S T A L Y S I S - 

This place has fallen victim to a strange corruption.  Toxic crystals, like tumors, grow endlessly upward out of the ground, emanating a malevolent force that poisons and paralyzes everything around them. Stranded here, you must destroy as many crystals as you can, salvaging the life force within them to recharge your energy, but only delaying your inevitable doom.

How to Play

Crystals spawn randomly on the map and slowly drain your life.  Run, jump, and dash your way around the area and smash any crystals you find.  As time passes they will spawn and grow stronger more rapidly.  Some destroyed crystals will emit healing shards that will seek you out and recharge your energy.  Last as long as you can.


Using a gamepad is encouraged, but if you don't have one, use these:

Jump Space


  • If you touch the crystals, they will damage and slow you for 2 seconds, so only get into attack range, no closer.
  • Spam the dash ability [L] as much as you want – it has no cooldown. You can also dash in the air repeatedly.
  • If you position yourself properly, you can punch multiple crystals at once.

Known Bugs

  • If you fall off the edge of the map, use R to restart. The “safety net” is buggy and sometimes doesn’t catch you.

Fixed Bugs

These files were updated after Ludum Dare ended in order to fix a few game breaking bugs which were:

  • Game not resetting properly after player death.
  • Crystal spawner timer would suddenly be set to 0 and the map would instantly be maxed out on crystals. Not cool.
  • After dying or resetting, the dash ability would not work properly.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
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TagsIsometric, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 50, magicavoxel, Unity, Voxel
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Crystalysis v0.11 - PC.zip 32 MB
Crystalysis v0.11 - Mac.zip 41 MB

Install instructions

Either play directly in the your web browser at the top of this page, or download the PC or Mac versions.  After downloading, unzip the file, open the folder, find the Crystalysis.exe file, and double-click to run it.

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