Click on tiles to destroy them one after another, adding to your streak multiplier and earning points. 

The mouse cursor pulses between a MISS state (large) and a HIT state (small). To destroy tiles, time your clicks on the tiles when the cursor is in its HIT state. If you miss, you’ll have to wait until the next cursor pulse. Perfectly timed attacks, or crits, add more to your streak as well as building up the Crit Meter.

Also see in-game tutorial for instructions!



Made with love for LD46 : Keep It Alive! 

This is the POST JAM version with updates!  Feel free to try the original submission version here: https://jordantanner.itch.io/tyle

All programming, art, and music made by Jordan Tanner || jordan@jordantanner.net

Hear the game's music and more:  https://soundcloud.com/mrjordantanner/tyle-ost

Special thanks to my bro @TodySmittins for the conversations and feedback!

Please let me know how you like it!


tyle_2.0_PC_6.zip 85 MB
tyle_2.0_Mac_6.zip 83 MB

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