🕹️ Controls

  • WASD - Move
  • Space - Jump
  • Mouse - Shoot
  • Hold ‘S’ Key - Summon Hydra

🎲 Game Features

  • Rack up as many points as possible by surviving rounds and destroying targets in the Dodge City Shooting Gallery!
  • Summon Hydras to deal explosive fire damage to targets while you blast ‘em with your Colt six-shooter
  • Western-themed rock soundtrack
  • Play in color or vintage black & white mode

✨ Tips

  • Summon Hydras to help you destroy targets!  Hydras cost Mana to Summon.  
  • You slowly lose Mana, represented by the purple orb in the UI.  Regain Mana by hitting targets.
  • Since you can’t move while summoning, try to move to an area free of bullets in order to have time to safely summon.
  • Hydras change color as they get closer to dying.
  • You can use Hydras for cover.

⚙️ Extra Controls

  • Hold Keypad +/- to progress the day/night cycle
  • Press Keypad 9 to freeze frame – great for taking screenshots
  • Select Color or Black & White mode from the Pause menu

Thanks for playing and feel free to follow me on Twitter if you like!

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AuthorJordan T. Smith
TagsLudum Dare 55

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