Deliver a recovered piece of volatile alien technology to the extraction point in this action shooter. Your destination is deep into hostile territory, so you’ll have to defend the Payload to complete the mission making use of Kinetic, Cryo, Energy, and Plasma weapons to obliterate the relentless hordes of foes along the way.


  • WASD - Move
  • Mouse - Aim
  • LMB - Fire Gun I (automatic)
  • RMB - Fire Gun II (cooldown)
  • M - Menu


  • Escort the Payload (Green Bubble) to each waypoint and defend it against enemies.
  • Each waypoint offers upgrades and recharges the Payload’s health a little.
  • If the Payload dies, you restart at the last waypoint.
  • Picking up a gun of Type I replaces your current Type I gun and likewise with Type II.
  • Collect Kinetic, Cryo, Energy, and Plasma powerups to change the Damage Type of your Type I guns.
  • Bomb powerups destroy all enemies. Supercharge powerups remove the cooldown of your Type II guns for 7 seconds.
  • Press ‘M’ during gameplay to open the menu and see more detailed instructions


  • You can push the Payload. You can also slow it down.
  • To get a better score, either delay the Payload to rack up more kills or push the Payload to deliver it before the Time Bonus expires.
  • Press 9 on the Numpad to enter Developer Mode. You can try out all the guns freely. Disqualifies you from placing on the leaderboard until you restart.
  • Press H to toggle the UI on/off


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